Ask Me Anything.

I was bored and wanted my network to engage me through their questions. I wanted to have thought-provoking discussions so I put up on my status, ‘Ask Me Anything’

Well, what I got was a shocker.

8 of 10 questions I got were centered on my love/sex life.

I did get few questions on personal branding and development, then my view on career transition. However, the majority were streamlined to love and sex.

Hear them:

* Do you have a boyfriend?
* Who is your boyfriend?
* How long do like your foreplay on a minimum?
* Have you seduced a guy before?
* When are you getting married?
* Who is your ideal man?
* What is your favorite sex position?
* Will you date a broke guy?

See the trend?
It seemed everyone only wanted to know stuff relating to my sexual orientation and relationship life.

It dawned on me, that for some weird reason(s), people are obsessed with other people’s love/sex life.
I mean, it is clearly evident how people would rather drop their lunch and dinner just to ‘get the full gist’, so far it revolves around sex and relationships.

* The biggest scandals are the ones involving either a break-up or sex life of celebrities.
* The most viral scandals are ones involving the leak of nudes, whether pictorial or video.
* The biggest sensation is usually one where Mr. Nkem’s wife is rumored to be dating Mr. Abiodun.
* The blogpost with the highest clicks, views and comments are usually the ones addressing how love and sex should be.

Isn’t it worrisome?

* That we would rather read articles bothering on sex positions than on elevator pitch…
* That we barely know how our friends are faring, but are certain if/when last they were in a relationship/had sex…
* That we are usually caught unawares in idea pitches and presentations…


* We know how many baby mamas Tu-face has.
* We know the full name and location of pastor Wilson’s church.
* We do not have our bank details off by heart, yet we have saved in our galleries, pictures and videos of all trending nude scandals.

And in our defense, “they are receipts for future reference”.

Which yeye receipt? 😏
It is just an excuse to cover up our obsession.

See ehn, the society has found a way to make us think some things are sacred and should not be seen/heard of/flaunted. And so because these things were labeled as taboos, if yours ever gets out, it becomes a scandal.

But, trust the human mind to always want the reverse. We proceed to obsess over those very same things. Some of us even go as far as blackmailing our friends by asking for monetary compensation, lest we leak their ‘nudes’ in our custody.

MΓ kΓ  gα»‹nα»‹?

The resultant effect of this obsession is that it makes us vile!

We think what we have/know about other people’s love/sex life should be used to hold them to ransom, and so at every given opportunity to ask a random question, we always jump to ask the ones that their answers will give us leverage over them.

‘Afterall, we have to have receipts for future referencing.’


Now I ask you again…


By Jess'

I reminisce a lot, so yea... You'll be right in my head.

20 replies on “Ask Me Anything.”

It’s like how bad we want to know, if we are on the same pedestal with our friends or they are ahead or we are slacking. Just how we fish for certain information to validate or disregard our achievements or failures.

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Beautiful post! Had a big laugh yet some profound stuff you shared on here. Sex sells, sex dominates our minds maybe a little too much most of the time. I’ve always learned the tactic to dodge such questions albeit learning this a bit late. The wrong info in the wrong hands can be devastating. Dodge em!

Thanks for sharing. Cheers

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I thought as much. I’m not surprised at the questions asked. Sex and relationship is so glorified in our society, people no longer have time for self/intellectual, and societal development. Smh…

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Realest talk ever. We are a society secretly obsessed over sex and it’s accompanying intricacies yet refuse to admit to it openly. That is the worst of it all, everyone pretending so hard to be saints when we know your sleeping place is pornhub. That’s why it’s not surprising that’s where all the questions that mattered to them led.

What I think?: “Sex is overrated babe…can you satisfy my mind?”

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You get the point, Lizzie.

There is no need pretending not to love what you obsess about.
Makes it even worse, because unconsciously, that obsession shows in your every thought and action.

I agree with you too that sex is overrated. 😊

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