“FRUITS are the manifestations of GIFTS”

Humans naturally, have gifts innate in them, which is usually referred to as talent which can be harnessed.

These gifts are peculiar to each human, so peculiar that even twins/triplets possess and exhibit varied gifts/talents. And so one can see that while a twin has a flair for technology, the other is delighted by the numerous languages of the world.

Now, unless one discovers, develops and exhibits the end-product of these gifts, it remains unknown to the world, and sometimes, even to the possessor.

* And so until Tola starts joining wires together and coming up with maybe malfunctioning appliances, no one will know he has that gift.
* Unless Nkechi starts creating dress patterns from paper and footwears from wool, no one will know of her gift of creativity.
* Unless Bassey starts fighting/defending every maltreated individual in his vicinity, no one will discover his penchant for speaking for the oppressed, and
* Unless Moyin starts mixing cooking ingredients to come up with delicious, and sometimes appaling meals, her penchant for cooking will not be recognized.

We all possess gifts unique to us. However, until we project fruits of that gift, no one may really know or help us realise them to its maximum. The fruits we exhibit/project, is the physical manifestation of our gifts.

As minute as it may seem to us, discovering, developing, and bringing forth results (no matter how little they may be), speaks volumes of us and for us.

And remember, just as fruits are an important part of a healthy diet, and variety is as important as quantity, the fruits we bear are also very essential to making the world inhabitable, not forgetting the principle ofย  “the more, the merrier” ๐Ÿ˜‰

Go forth into the world and bear fruits…๐Ÿ˜Š

By Jess'

I reminisce a lot, so yea... You'll be right in my head.

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