Stories untold…
The journeys we took…
The Experiences we hoard…

Have you noticed?
Our experiences whether good/bad serve as good reference point for advice, guidance and counselling…

People going through ordeals open up more and relate better when they understand you’ve been in similar situations.
They’ll gladly listen to if/how you remedied the situation.

But, we are so busy hiding, covering and cementing up these experiences.

We are ashamed.

  • We do not care if another person (even people closest to us) go through the same ordeal.
  • We just do not want to own up that we’ve encountered similar situations.
  • We do not want to share the errors we committed.
  • We do not want to share the remedies we found for such situations.
  • We do not want to be called out and shamed.
  • We do not want to seem like mr-know-all.
  • We pretend we are minding our business.

And so we sit in our devilish silence and watch people fall into the same hole we did.

Our Excuse?

Sebi they said that “Experience is the best teacher”


  • Who said it must be their personal experiences?
  • Who mandated they must trail the same part to learn the lessons you did?
  • Are you not telling them just because you wish to gloat when they fail too?

Then you slyly rejoice that you are now in the same league.

God have mercy on your pitiful soul!

My point?


7 responses to “EXPERIENCE…”

  1. Great insight. People tell their stories in books go on to make a fortune, others share their stories and become resource persons.

    Others open up with their experiences, and get help right when it’s needed most.

    Nonetheless, finding the right people to share our stories with is just as vital as the decision to open up.


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    • Hmmmm…

      Finding the right audience to share our stories with is as important as the decision to open up.

      Thank you so much for the insight, Dr.


  2. Hmmm…the commonest excuse is “it’s his life, the person is mature and seems happy the way he is”. We forget we are social beings and until one is told how wrong the destination of the path he takes,is, he forever remains confident and poised he took the right path. We assume too much as it is the easiest way to keep to ourselves. Thank you Jess for the piece…it was beautiful🙌🏽

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