LETTING GO (especially when it hurts).

Hi guys, my name is Jessica and it’s been a week since I lost my job. Up until last Saturday, I worked as an Executive Assistant and Communications Manager.

Typical me. 😊

How I feel? Pheeeew! πŸ˜“ πŸ₯Ί
It hurts waking up and literally having no organisational goals and targets to crush. It hurts remembering I am now part of the 33% unemployed statistics in the country. It hurts remembering that I may not be getting the month-end salary alert, cannot go grocery shopping, or hang out with my friends.

One very constant thing I’ve also done in the past week is cry and pray. Ọmọ, I have cried so much that I’m practically out of tears. Losing my job and not having something to do was something I never anticipated, so this definitely knocked me out.

“Anyways, weird as it may sound, I actually had a hand in my not having a job right now.”

What!?! 😳
Yes, I advised my boss to let the team go.

Am I OK?
What was I thinking?

Well, the company has been having some challenges (finance) for some months now which resulted into lots of things that includes:
* Absence of employee engagement.
* Strained/ineffective communication.
* Pay cuts (up to 40%)
* Decline in team spirit and productivity.

So when I eventually had a conversation with him on that day, he laid all the cards on the table and shared how he has been struggling to pay the team (the pay cuts) and how he was uncertain how to proceed, I advised him in the favour of the business.

(You see, the company did not have its own HR so I’ve had to fill in for it when the need arose) So I told my boss; “Sir, right now, emotional as it may be for you, it is also obvious that the business cannot afford the team. Asides the pay cuts, the employees (myself inclusive) are largely under-engaged and quite skeptical about their job security and the future of the company. While the thought of disbanding the team is saddening, the truth is that the business can no longer afford them, and holding on to them with pay cuts is not progressive for them and their career too.”

However, letting the team go will:
* Relieve the company of having to pay salaries due to the severe financial constraints it has right now.
* Allow the employees find other opportunities where they will be fully and adequately engaged whilst growing professionally.
* Relieve the CEO of the mental stress of constantly worrying about the welfare of the team due to the pay cuts they’ve been getting.
* Relieve the CEO of having to run into debts to pay the team.

Simply put, I advised him that there was no need holding onto a team you cannot properly engage nor pay. He totally understood and even though an emotionally tough decision for him, he agreed to let the team go, for the good of both management and employees. (And that was how I became jobless)

Guess what?
All of this happened on a very significant day. It was Saturday, May 1st, a day universally recognized as Workers’ Day. It was such an irony that whilst the world was celebrating workersπŸ‘·β€β™‚οΈ, I became a non-worker. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

I understand how weird it sounds that I gave the advice that led to my being jobless right now, however, sometimes we take decisions that will bring about long term appreciation. The pay cuts, under-engagement and constant anxiety over job security made me realize how it was best for all parties involved to cut there losses early and move on.

This week, I have sent out series of applications and with the encouragement of friends and family, I am very optimistic that something huge is enroute.

Sincerely, I am not even sure if there is a moral lesson or kind of take-home from this story. I really just wanted to unburden my mind and also put it out there that I am open to opportunities in Human Resource Management, People Operations, Employee Management, Performance Management and Project Management.

If you read to this part, thank you so much for reading through. (Please feel free to go through my other blog posts, I’m certain you will find them really interesting).
If you couldn’t read to this point, I totally understand; it is not your usual blog post.

Right now, while I navigate the job market to find my feet again, I will be needing all the assistance I can get. Please feel free to send me a DM on Twitter @_JessicaUche, Facebook on Jessica Uche, and LinkedIn on Jessica Uche if you come across job opportunities that suits my profile.

Pheeeew! πŸ˜“

This particular blog post took me so much courage to put out here, but yes, here it is.

Thank you once again for reading through. 😊

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