Liberal-Conservatism and Growth

“The older you grow, the lesser drama you want to associate with, and the more liberally-conservative you become.”

This is true for me.

* Carefully outlining who and what to allot time to.
* How to say No.
* How to respect people and their decisions whilst refusing to be disrespected and allowing yours disregarded.
* How to be empathetic but not a walk-over.
* How to identify contempt, not allow it fizzle you, yet refuse to be rude/uncouth to the dispenser.

* How to say “It’s fine” and really mean it from the depths.
* Better time and resources allocation and management.
* How to put everything (asides God) on hold until you can take them on.

* No rush.
* Being kinder to yourself.
* Cutting yourself more slack.
* Recognizing that there is only so much that you can do at time.

* Understanding time and season and appreciating the universe for what/all each brings.
* Waking up with purpose and going to bed all smiles because, ‘what a day’ ☺️
* Understanding and appreciating diversity even as you do not agree with it all.
* Recognizing that diversity in gender, thought-process, system and execution are the foundation for the beautiful universe and the basis on which it thrives.
* Building relationships, nurturing them, letting go of some whilst maintaining and building others.

And overall embracing peace.

* PEACE that does not need the consent of man to manifest.
* PEACE that you have learnt you owe yourself FIRST and then, the world.
* PEACE that is accompanied with a soft slow satisfactory smile.

PEACE irrespective
PEACE because…

“May the Lord bless you.”
“May He let His face shine upon you.”
“May He give you PEACE.”

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