Stories untoldā€¦The journeys we tookā€¦The Experiences we hoardā€¦ Have you noticed?Our experiences whether good/bad serve as good reference point for advice, guidance and counsellingā€¦ People going through ordeals open up more and relate better when they understand you’ve been in similar situations.They’ll gladly listen to if/how you remedied the situation. But, we are so busyContinue reading “EXPERIENCE…”


You have three familiesā€¦ 1) The one you were born into.2) The one you create. (Network) 3) The one you build (By marriage) For the purpose of this piece, I’ll focus on the first and second types. The family you are born into, you are connected to via blood whether nuclear or extended. The familyContinue reading “FAMILY.”


“FRUITS are the manifestations of GIFTS” Humans naturally, have gifts innate in them, which is usually referred to as talent which can be harnessed. These gifts are peculiar to each human, so peculiar that even twins/triplets possess and exhibit varied gifts/talents. And so one can see that while a twin has a flair for technology,Continue reading “GIFTS AND FRUITS.”


Me: Where do you see yourself in the nearest future?She: Married with kids and working.Me: Wow! Niceā€¦ Me: What are you plans for life?He: I don’t know.Me: Really?He: Yes. I have my job, I will keep getting better and meeting targets. I do not have it all figured out.Me: Wow! Wow!He: Yes. Sometimes we forgetContinue reading “GLITZ AND GLAMOUR.”