Someone once told me,

“I cannot date anyone who is not clear about their goals and aspirations. I have refused to date some persons because they are not career and impact-oriented as myself. I do not have the time to groom someone who doesn’t know what they want, I’d rather go with someone who is already high on the radar. I prefer romance in the skies…”

He clearly stated what he wants/prefers and goes for.

Now, you’ll find persons who will alter their values and principles, do whatever it takes just to be his spec and “Fit In.”

Eventually, you land the prize.

Love in Tokyo begins ehn…😊

Congratulations!  You are now someone’s answered prayer(s).



* You have altered yourself so much you can barely recognize you.
* You are in a career path that is the reverse of you.
* You live way above your means to maintain the standard.
* You  speak, walk, act and dress differently just to be the ideal person for him/her.


* Who are you?
* Who are you really?
* What do you stand for?

You followed the standards of another person so blindly that you are almost a mannequin.

It is becoming more chilly by the day…
The die has been cast..


4 responses to “IDENTITY…”

    1. Thank you dear. 😊

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  1. Food for thought

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    1. Let me know what you finally think… 😌


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